At City Paints we carry different lines of paint, but our main line, which we have been proud to sell for longer than any store in Quebec, is Benjamin Moore.

Just like many different brands of paint, Benjamin Moore has different qualities. There is one for every budget. Aside from the lower priced commercial paints, let me give a little information on some of their product lines.


Let’s start with BEN. Ben is a very affordable line from Benjamin Moore that has many of the things that their higher end lines have. This is a waterborne paint that is available in most of the Benjamin Moore colors. This paint is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Low VOC means very little toxins. It uses the Genex technology that brings out the brightness of their color system. Genex tints have zero VOC. Unlike many other brands who have zero VOC paints but don’t have zero VOC tints. Therefore when you add their tints to their paints, the final paint is again toxic.

Ben is also a finishing paint and primer all in one. This means that it can be directly applied over most painted surfaces including oil paints. A light sanding is still recommended by us in this situation. Ben has good hiding and will last for many years.


If you want just about the best paint you can buy, then REGAL SELECT is the paint for you It is a premium paint with few products equal to it. It offers all the qualities of Ben but with extra hiding and washability.  It offers more square feet of spread per gallon and ease of application. Like Ben, it comes in all the finishes and most colors.


If you are very allergic to paints and the low VOC in Benjamin Moore products are still hard on you, they make NATURA. This paint is very similar to the Regal line but has zero VOC and zero emissions. The fumes will not bother you and it is really odorless. Some paints will emit toxins for months and traces even years after application. Natura ends that problem.


If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of all paints, then you will want to purchase Benjamin Moore’s AURA. This is the ultimate paint in the market. This paint has all the bells and whistles. With the same qualities as above, you have paint that will last for many many more years. It has extreme durability and Colour-Lock technology. Colour-lock gives the paint something that other paints don’t have. The colors are richer than in any other paint. If you paint a deep color with other paints, you will find that when you rub a cloth on the surface, some of the color will come off on it. That will not happen with Aura and so the color will always stay brilliant. The hiding with Aura is second to none. It is a zero VOC paint and with the Genex tinting system, it stays zero VOC even after tinting. This paint dries very quickly and can be recoated after only one hour. Aura can be tinted in every one of Benjamin Moore’s vast array of colors. The Aura line has an anti-mildew agent in it to defend from high humidity. It also comes in a Bath and Spa version which has even more of the high humidity protection. There is no paint that outperforms Aura.


At City Paints, we carry paint for every project.  Our list of types is as large or larger than any place in Quebec or for that matter in the country. Our inventory is the largest in Montreal. Besides our household paints, we also stock chalkboard paints to make your walls just like a blackboard. Great for kids rooms if they want to draw with chalk on their walls. We have dry erase paint which converts your wall into a dry erase board. We have metallic paint which will convert your wall into a surface that you can stick anything magnetic too.

We are distributors of Flame Blue aerosol paint. This is the paint that is used by mural artists. We have supplied the annual Mural-fest in Montreal for the last 6 years. These aerosols are stocked in hundreds of colors.

We carry quite a few different wood stains We have the original Olympic stains to compliment our main line of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat. If you want an exterior oil stain, which is now very difficult to find, we have it in the very high-quality Omose Pentox. Maybe you are looking for an interior gel stain. We have that as well.

If you are a commercial user of paint and require large containers or many gallons, we can provide you with that on the same day.

For those who are looking for 2 part epoxies or other industrial coatings, you can find all that here.

We carry so many kinds of paint that it is difficult to list them all.

We also have a vast assortment and amount of application brushes, rollers and tools.

You will find everything and anything that you will need for that next paint job.